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Living an Esoteric Life in a modern world.

In this Age of Materialism a few are called to preserve the Esoteric Wisdom of our Ancestors. We cannot do this unless we possess occult skills. Without these skills we will be so distracted by shiny modern things that the Flame of the Mysteries will be allowed to go out.

To book a class with C-FREE, check out our offerings below and see which is right for you. All classes are online, unless otherwise stated. You will be working with C-FREE directly over video call. If you want to work with C-FREE in person send him an email: *** IMPORTANT —if you have any technical issues with the booking app we use please email C-FREE directly — we have had a few problems with it. Please don’t let that stop you from signing up!


Modern and Authentic Self Initiation

and General Esoteric Schooling

Modern and Authentic Self Initiation and General Esoteric Schooling

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If you want to develop an authentic esoteric practice, this is the class for you. We will start at the beginning and work our way through the Traditional Mystery School Process. You will gain in depth knowledge of esoteric conceptions of reality and specific exercises that will enable you to experience these things for yourself. These classes will complement and never interfere with any other spiritual work you already do. I am not recruiting you into any group. In fact I want to help you make the most out of whatever spiritual work/ groups you are already involved in. These classes only take place at night. We will create a mystical atmosphere in these classes by employing certain ritual techniques.

When you sign up for this class you will receive:

  1. A monograph for every class that contains the points covered. This will be a PDF sent to you right before class begins.

  2. Specific Esoteric Concepts to learn and assimilate during the time in between classes (esoteric homework!).

  3. Specific esoteric exercises to practice during the time in between classes.

  4. Experience a bit of ceremony during our class.


Qigong for Health and Mental Well Being

The fastest way to improve your physical and mental health. CRUSH ANXIETY AND FEAR but gently lol…

Qigong For Health and Mental Well Being

There is no better way to become calm and centered. Qigong was kept secret in ancient China because it was the most powerful technology around. Whoever possesses the secrets of Qigong holds the secrets of Immortality. Qigong is Daoist Internal Alchemy. This is a hybrid course! Learning all the particulars of a Qigong form can be complex. I have come up with a way to make it much much easier! The way it works is I will send you 20-30 minute video that you can watch as many times as you like. This makes it so much easier to learn! You can simply rewind the video as many times as you like to fully absorb the important points! This video is yours to keep forever. You practice along with the video for a while, and then write down any questions you have. THEN you get 30 minutes of live video chat to ask me questions directly!

book a session here:

When you sign up for this class you will receive:

  1. a 20- 30 minute video of detailed instruction.

  2. relief from intrusive thoughts

  3. a reduction in pain and discomfort

  4. 20-30 minutes of one on one video chat with C-FREE

***IMPORTANT Make sure to book your appointment for a week or 2 in the future, I will send you the video within 24 hours of booking, but you will need some time to watch and go over it. So give yourself a week or 2. The session time/day that you book will be when you are meeting with me live. Also if you need to change your day, that’s no problem. Just email me


***PRICING is 52 USD per session for both class types. I know you probably expected it to be more! But I guess I’m too generous!